Senior Associate

Mendy is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, currently serving as a Senior Associate at Grandstone Investment Sales. His expertise lies in the self-storage sector, with a specific focus on the Alabama and Arizona markets. Prior to his current role, Mendy accumulated over 5 years of experience at CBRE, where he successfully closed transactions totaling over $30 million. His proficiency extends across industrial, retail, and office investment properties. Mendy’s success at CBRE came from his hard work, client relationships & a deep expertise in the underwriting & sale process. 

A notable achievement in Mendy’s career was winning the 2020 Rookie of the Year award at CBRE Columbus Office, showcasing his rapid and impactful contributions to the team. His dedication to his work is evident through his rigorous work ethic, making 100 calls a day and consistently being the last person to leave the office. This commitment positions him as a valuable asset to sellers in the transaction process.

Outside of his professional life, Mendy values quality time with his wife and two children. When not with his family, he is either working out, reading history books or playing chess. Overall, Mendy’s diverse interests and dedication both professionally and personally contribute to his well-rounded character.

862.591.7070 | Meir@Grandstoneis.com

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