Solid Rock Storage

5 Property Portfolio, Bismarck & Hot Springs, Arkansas | $4,800,000

Grandstone Investment Sales is delighted to present the opportunity to acquire the Solid Rock Storage Portfolio, encompassing 110,115 NRSF across five prime locations within Hot Spring County, Arkansas. This portfolio comprises three facilities in the city of Bismarck and two in the city of Hot Springs.

The portfolio boasts a diverse unit mix, featuring both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units, in addition to covered and uncovered parking spaces, offering a comprehensive range of storage solutions. With strong historical occupancy statistics, the portfolio currently enjoys a combined physical occupancy rate of 84.62%. Hot Springs exhibits an average household income of $98,910 within a five-mile radius, while Bismarck reports an average household income of $67,072 within the same radius.

This unique investment opportunity also includes two apartments, each approximately 1,000 NRSF. One apartment is utilized by an on-site manager, while the other is leased to a long-term tenant. The portfolio also features a newly remodeled, state-of-the-art laundromat equipped with brand new machinery, including credit card readers and digital payment options. It stands as the only laundromat within a 30-mile radius with new equipment and the capability to accept credit card or digital wallet payments.

Hot Spring County is experiencing robust population growth, with an average increase of 33% projected for 2024. Additionally, the city of Hot Springs has recently secured a contract with Amazon to establish a 35,500-square-foot facility, further catalyzing job creation and community growth.

Broker of record: BRIAN BROCKMAN | Bang Realty Inc | | License: 678573

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