We Store
Self Storage

228 Willow Ave. Long Branch, NJ 07740 | $3,750,000

Grandstone Investment Sales is excited to present the opportunity to acquire We Store Self Storage, a prominent self-storage facility located in Long Branch, NJ. This facility boasts a diverse selection of storage units, with a total of 14,125 net rentable square feet (NRSF), encompassing both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled options.

We Store Self Storage is ideally positioned in Long Branch, NJ, an area known for its significant number of summer residences, creating a strong demand for self-storage solutions. Since acquiring the facility in May, the current ownership has made substantial improvements, including the introduction of online rental capabilities, extensive property enhancements, the integration of professional management software, and the implementation of expert management practices. Additionally, the facility operates under a fully remote management model, which significantly enhances operating efficiency and keeps costs low.

For prospective buyers, there is a lucrative opportunity to continue the momentum by leasing up the remaining 10% of the facility and actively managing rate increases. The facility also enjoys the advantage of being situated in an area with robust demographics, including an average household income of $143,000 and a dense population of 57,000 within a 3-mile radius and 113,000 within a 5-mile radius. Most notably, We Store Self Storage stands as the sole provider of self-storage options within a one-mile radius, highlighting its unique market position and potential for sustained growth.


• Strategic Location: Situated in Long Branch, NJ, a region with a high number of  summer homes, creating substantial demand for self-storage services.
• Upside Potential: Offers lucrative opportunity for new ownership to lease up the remaining 10% capacity and further increase revenue through strategic rate management.
• Significant Upgrades: Recent enhancements include online rental capabilities, property improvements, and the integration of professional management software and practices.

• Fully Remote Management: Operates with a fully remote management model, ensuring high operating efficiency and low expansion costs.
• Robust Demographics: Located in an area with strong demographics, boasting an average household income of $143,000, and a dense population within a 3- to 5-mile radius (57,000 and 113,000, respectively).
• Exclusive Market Position: The only self-storage facility within a one-mile radius, offering a unique advantage and significant growth potential.

Broker of record: BRIAN BROCKMAN | Bang Realty-New Jersey Inc | Tel: 513-898-1551 | bor@bangrealty.com | License: 2078547

862.591.7070 | Meir@Grandstoneis.com

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